Nestor Get to the point.

Take Control Over How You Read

Do you ever find yourself skimming through an article, just trying to get the point? Or spending time deciding whether to even try to read the article? We don't always read everything in the exact same way. Sometimes we want to leisurely read through an article, and sometimes we'd just like to get the important information. Nestor allows us to do just that by giving us all the power to decide how we want to read!

Nestor Highlight Summary Chrome Extension

Nestor uses advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies to help you scan an article for the important information, eliminating the decision time and getting you up to speed fast. Our extension for the Google Chrome browser automatically highlights the important sentences on your favorite sites, allowing you to quickly grasp the information you're looking for.

For Developers

Get Access To Advanced Text Intelligence

We all want to give the best experience to our users. Take advantage of the Nestor API to get more power over your content and gain flexibility in the offerings you provide.

API Screen

Our API gives developers access to Natural Language Processing tools and advanced Machine Learning technology that allow you to create summaries of your content, highlight important sentences, recommend sentences to share, increase click-through rates and much more. Contact us for free demo access!