Changing the game for solo practitioners

Finally, an app specifically for solo practitioners, designed to simplify workflow, enhance growth, and provide a smooth and effective professional experience.
Let us show you
Unaggregated data creates an incomplete understanding of the practice’s business.

The solo practitioner & small practice problems we see.

With over 15 years in the CAM (Complementary or Alternative Medicine) space and insights from our peers, we understand the challenges of being a solo practitioner. Recognizing the lack of tailored solutions, we took the initiative to create the needed tools. If you have ideas for an app to enhance your practice, we’re eager to listen and make it a reality.

Solo-practitioners can’t afford front desk support.
Rising app subscription costs erode income.
They must use multiple standalone tools to cover different parts of their work.
SOAP notes are essential but consume a quarter of a clinician’s time.
Challenges with inefficient booking and scheduling continue to hinder financial growth.
Solo practitioners need thoughtful innovation & help.
The Solution
Build an Intelligent Practice System tailored to solo practitioners.

Real-time AI scheduling and Front Desk support.

Seamless appointment management and administrative automation.


Automated Intelligent Note-Taking & Improvement

Enhanced medical documentation with real-time AI assistance.


Predictive Analytics for Enhanced Patient Care

Data-driven insights to inform better patient outcomes.


Generation of Update and Referral Letters

Efficient communication with auto-generated documents.


Data-Driven Gold Standards in Care

Aggregated data analysis to define and improve care benchmarks.

An all-encompassing mobile-centric application for the modern practitioner, providing every tool needed in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Designed for optimal performance on-the-go.

Creating innovative tools to empower solo practitioners with simplicity and delight.
Intelligent Practice System (IPS)
The IPS, our MVP, is designed for wellness providers who run cash-based businesses. These providers include chiropractors, massage therapists, estheticians, and counselors operating in self-pay, cash-based practices, often without front desk help, and value a mobile-centric approach for flexible client management.
Electronic Health Record (EHR)
The EHR, comprising comprehensive healthcare providers such as physical therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and dentists, offers a range of healthcare services and often deals with insurance billing and complex administrative requirements as part of their practice.
Let us show you
see the difference

Everything a solo practitioner needs

AI Superpowers

Automates business insights and scheduling.

Offline mode

Functions even without internet.

Easy SOAP notes

Streamlined intake to completion process.

Simple payment system

Efficient, fair mobile payments.

Integrated scheduling

Easy scheduling with a fantastic client experience with AI phone.

Personal organizer

Consolidates notes, promotions, client info.

Front desk & AI assistant

Intelligent administrative support.

Growth insights

Practical tips for business growth.

Client communication

Automated, private messaging for busy schedules.

Reputation management

Simplifies getting 5-star ratings.

covenent wellness center

I’ve been waiting for this app for over 21 years.

I didn’t even know it was possible to have everything you need in one easy to use app.

Your Team
Behind the idea & design.
Shawn Johnston
Founder, CEO
Jordy Davidson
Co-Founder, COO
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