I’ve been a chiropractor operating in the Complementary or Alternative Medicine space for over 15 years, it’s time to solve a problem that cripples me any my peers.
Shawn Johnston


A Journey of Innovation and Compassion in Healthcare

Dr. Shawn Johnston stands as a beacon of innovation and dedicated patient care in the medical community. As the esteemed CEO and Co-Founder of Nestor Labs, he has carved a niche in the field of chiropractic and pain management through his groundbreaking work and compassionate approach to patient care.

Early Education and Career Beginnings

Born and raised in Dyersburg, Tennessee, Dr. Johnston’s academic journey commenced at Freed-Hardeman University. Here, he pursued an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biology, a testament to his early passion for the medical field. His pursuit of excellence led him to pre-med studies at the same university, laying a robust foundation for his future endeavors in healthcare. His commitment to his medical calling culminated in a doctorate from the prestigious Logan University.

Professional Experience

Dr. Johnston’s professional odyssey began at Lafayette Anesthesiology Surgical Hospital MOB, where he spent six years honing his skills in pre and post-surgical pain management. Working alongside renowned Anesthesiology and Pain Consultants, he developed a profound understanding and expertise in managing complex medical conditions.

In 2014, Dr. Johnston ventured into private practice, opening his clinic in downtown Carencro. This period was pivotal in his career, as it not only allowed him to address challenging medical cases but also to master the intricacies of running a successful medical practice.

Nestor Labs and Relief Plus

The inception of Nestor Labs in 2023 marked a significant milestone in Dr. Johnston’s illustrious career. It symbolizes his unwavering commitment to healthcare innovation and his vision to revolutionize patient care in the chiropractic field. Alongside his role at Nestor Labs, Dr. Johnston continues to make remarkable strides at Relief Plus, a center renowned for its exceptional patient care and management, reflecting his adeptness in both medical and administrative realms.

Personal Life

Dr. Johnston’s life outside his professional sphere is rich with personal commitments and community involvement. A devoted family man, he treasures the time spent with his wife and two sons, nurturing a warm and loving home environment. His community spirit is further exemplified through his role as a worship leader at his local church, where he contributes with the same passion and dedication that he brings to his professional life.

A Respected Figure in Medicine and Beyond

Dr. Shawn Johnston’s biography paints the picture of a man who has seamlessly blended his professional pursuits with personal values. His journey from a student of science to a leader in healthcare innovation is not just a story of professional success but also one of personal integrity and community service. As he continues to lead Nestor Labs toward new horizons, his life remains a source of inspiration for aspiring medical professionals and community members alike.

Jordy Davidson
Co-Founder, COO

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